2013 Senior Sydney from JJ Pearce High School

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this senior session from November!  Oh, wait. Maybe I can believe that since I have several senior sessions to blog from the fall.  The fall is such a crazy busy time – between seniors, kids, families, nice weather – it’s a wonder I got anything blogged (this is where you nod your head and think “really. how does she do it all?”). Thank you for understanding.

So anyway, this shoot was just perfection.

First, hair and make up by Autumn Cooper, my incredible MUA (make up artist).  I tell you, she has serious skills. She knows exactly how to do natural, photography makeup with just enough pizazz to make it totally you.  She never makes all the girls look alike, her make up lasts the whole session and she’s cute and fun!

Sydney opted to have Autumn do her hair as well.  Good call.  Her hair was so fabulous – just enough of the wave, curl, messed-up up look to go perfectly with her clothing and the setting.  Sydney brought super cute outfits plus a punch of bright color with a red dress.

Then to top it all off, I had just discovered this fab location and Sydney and her mom trusted me to shoot their session there.   So perfect, all these images were shot on one block and on a late Sunday afternoon (my favorite session time), not a soul was around.

Thanks, Sydney.

princess project: part 2

Part two of my personal project (see part 1 here).  We shot this session last October and the weather kind of turned on us later in the day. But I found the best location and this model is just  perfect.

So perfect, in fact, she played Belle in the musical production of Beauty and the Beast.  Big thanks for your help, Taylor! 



high school senior photography

My photography clients are mostly children, families and high school seniors.

Most of you know I have first hand experience with high school seniors, as our youngest was one in 2012.  Being the mom of a recent high school graduate has given me a different perspective on the way I operate and price my high school senior sessions – I will always offer a fun, on location session with a photo shoot experience at an affordable price.  I get it. I’ve been there. College is expensive. Senior photos don’t have to be.

But being the mom of a recent senior has also given me a new perspective on the way I photograph my seniors.

Over the holidays, I took my daughter to the loft for a session. And here is what happened. Bailey was very honest with me about poses and positions that just didn’t feel right or weren’t really her.

For instance: Big trend in senior photography is to place your hands around your face- framing the face. Bailey will just tell me, “Mom, no one does that. That just doesn’t make sense”.  She’s so right.  Rather than focusing on poses that look like every other senior photographer out there, why not focus on the client and her own mannerisms and personality? Most photographers say they want to capture your personality, and then tell you how to sit and stand.  It works, it often makes beautiful images – but does it really reflect the client’s personality??  I know this will be hard.  I’m not totally sure how to approach it, but I know it will create beautiful and authentic images of my clients.

So here is a sample of my session with Bailey. Being 100% herself.  I love these.  My goal is to do this for everyone I photograph in 2013.

Oh, and thanks, B.

my princess project

I have been wanting to share these.

This is an ongoing project that I’m working on for myself – oh I’m not sure why, just for the fun of it.  It started with this gorgeous gal who just had such a resemblance to a certain princess, and it just kind of took off from there.  This session was from last September, when Jill was home from college for the weekend. I so appreciate her spending a few hours with Autumn and myself, so we could just be a bit creative.

So for now, here is the stunning Jill as “the fairest of them all”. . . .