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2014 Senior Cara from Parish Episcopal School

One of my first 2014 Seniors from this fall, Cara is the sister of my daughter’s best friend, and I have known her for more than a few years.  So we were excited to focus on some of her interests during her session, but also have her sister jump into a few images – mom loves the one of the two of them at the bridge.

Hair and Make up by Autumn Cooper        Locations: studio, Bishop Arts District and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Fall/Holiday Mini Sessions 2013



I will be booking Mini Sessions a new way this fall! 

In the past, I have gone to a location and booked several sessions back to back in the morning and in the late afternoon on a couple of weekends.  Due to the demand for premier outdoor photo sessions, I did not have the open dates needed for a mini session.  So I am offering Mini Sessions for 2013 with greater scheduling flexibility for my clients.

Mini Sessions may be scheduled for the studio on any Tuesday – Thursday  9 am- 4 pm OR Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am – 2pm.  Oct. 1 –  Nov. 30  

All sessions will be in the natural light studio (no exceptions).  You can opt to use the simple, clean style of the studio or a holiday/seasonal background and props for your session.  No need to worry about the weather!


$350 for up to 4 people

25 minute session

12 fully edited digital images available within 48 hours

cards may be ordered thru my storefront  at 

The studio is at Live Oak and Good Latimer – near downtown.

Contact me soon if you are interested!  I will be booking a limited number of these sessions.








What to Wear – Family Photos

Congrats! You’ve finally managed to get that family photo session scheduled in time for holiday cards and gifts! yipeee!

Now comes the fun part: deciding what everyone will wear.

First, let me offer some advice.   I’ve done our family photos where I shopped for days and spend lots of $$$ and I’ve done our family photos when I just said “come on every one, we’re taking pictures and I don’t care what you wear”.  And honestly, I have them all on my walls. To me, the most important part, is that I just HAVE them – regardless of what we are wearing.  So with that in mind, my suggestion is to just do what you want and what keeps you happy – just show up for our session ready for fun!

However, if you do opt to do a little wardrobe preparation, here are some suggestions that may help make life easier:

1. Consider your location:  If your session with me is outdoors, I consider the setting as either urban (Arts District/DeepEllum/BishopArts/McKinney, etc) or nature (White Rock/Arbor Hills/Beckenridge field, etc).

You can choose location based on what you want to wear OR choose clothing based on your location. If you want to dress up (mom has a great a dress and heels) you need a city setting.  If you want to wear bright, bold colors, I’d also recommend an urban/city background.

If you want a nature setting, your clothing should be medium shades (greys, medium blues,  plum, cream, beige, peach) -think colors in nature but avoid bright or dark clothing).  Want to wear those great boots, jeans, earth tones ?? A big field is perfect.  If we are shooting in the studio, I recommend neutrals – either a gray/blue/peach or beige/creams/browns – keeping tones light.  Avoid a lot of really dark colors, anywhere.

2. Dress mom first. Yep, you heard me – choose your clothing first.  If you don’t love what you are wearing, you aren’t going to be 100% happy with the images. I dress myself first, then the other girls and lastly, the guys – cause they are the easiest and don’t care as much.  Be comfortable.  Easy choice: pants, jeans or skirt with a silky blouse with sleeves – some  jewelry and boots and I’m good.  I love a solid silky top (it can be poly, as long as it is somewhat fitted and drapes).  It’s very feminine and  doesn’t wrinkle or bunch up like a cotton tee or button down.  Also throwing a fitted jacket over it always works – no cropped cardigan sweaters.  It’s important to define your waist.

3. Color matters.  A simple thing to do is choose a color – say blue – and everyone wears that color (see family below). NOT MATCHING.  Everyone wears  different shades of blue and a couple of people can even wear a design or pattern with blue.

Another option is to choose 3-4 colors and add denim and white as options and have a workable color pallet. For example, for our family I used gray, chambray, navy, denim, white, peach, dark coral, rust – with solids and some patterns.  Everyone had on 2-3 of those colors.  When you choose a color palette, you don’t put all the colors on every person.

Find a color scheme on my pinterest board here:

4. Guys/boys are great in navy, denim, and a color OR khaki, beige and a color.  A fun t-shirt with a sweater , shirt or jacket over it is always a nice look.

5. Couple of other suggestions: Don’t worry too much about shoes – they don’t show up that much and it is easy to crop them out.   Don’t over accessorize your kids – they need to be comfortable.  Try kids clothing on BEFORE the session – it shouldn’t be tight, itchy,or too short.  Put modesty shorts/tights on little girls in dresses – they need to be able to sit down.  Avoid BIG hair bows on the girls for group shots – it’s going to block the face of someone else.  Don’t put everyone in the exact same color tops and the same color bottoms – ie everyone in jeans and a white shirt. This is very dated and makes me sad.  Avoid white jeans or pants on anyone – especially dads. hehe.


Connie Roper_Wieters_0384c5x7






2014 senior Molly from Greenhill School

I just love this gal from Greenhill who showed up at the studio for hair and make up by Autumn before we headed out to the lake for her session.  She is so easy to get to know and totally relaxed in front of the camera.

Loved the long skirt she wore at the lake, which used to belong to her mom – how sweet is that?  And her family opted to show up for a few family shots as well – always a great thing to add-on to a senior session.

Have a great year, Molly!  You need to come back and see Autumn and I again sometime! It was fun!


Senior 2014 Nicole from Parish Episcopal School

I’ve photographed this gorgeous gal and her brother every year for the last 6 years, but this session was special – it was just her for her senior photos! Nicole is just a sweet, outdoorsy, all-American girl and I knew she’d love this great barn location I discovered!

Have a great senior year, Nicole!  Makeup by Autumn Cooper.