2014 senior Molly from Greenhill School

I just love this gal from Greenhill who showed up at the studio for hair and make up by Autumn before we headed out to the lake for her session.  She is so easy to get to know and totally relaxed in front of the camera.

Loved the long skirt she wore at the lake, which used to belong to her mom – how sweet is that?  And her family opted to show up for a few family shots as well – always a great thing to add-on to a senior session.

Have a great year, Molly!  You need to come back and see Autumn and I again sometime! It was fun!


Senior 2014 Nicole from Parish Episcopal School

I’ve photographed this gorgeous gal and her brother every year for the last 6 years, but this session was special – it was just her for her senior photos! Nicole is just a sweet, outdoorsy, all-American girl and I knew she’d love this great barn location I discovered!

Have a great senior year, Nicole!  Makeup by Autumn Cooper.

2014 senior Jamie from Greenhill School

Jamie was my first 2014 senior session this August!  We met up at the studio where she opted to have Autumn do her hair and make up.  A few outfits in the studio and then we popped over to Deep Ellum for a few more – using the studio to change and cool off in between.  Honestly, I don’t know how I’d do August sessions without the studio space.  It’s so great to have Autumn do your hair and makeup there before the shoot.

Anyway, here is a small sample of Jamie’s final collection of her Senior Portfolio.  She has the most incredible blue eyes and cute smile – but I also really love her quiet look.  I also enjoyed meeting the rest of her family – who opted to pop in the last 30 minutes of the session for a few family photos!

having some fun – the boho/farm shoot june 2013

Honestly, I don’t think of myself as a creative person and I never refer to myself as an artist – I just really love photography and the process of capturing a still image.  Lucky for me, people hire me to do that for them – and it is the best job ever.

But sometimes, it’s really fun just to bring it all together – location, models, hair, make up, styling, – just the way you want it – and that’s what I did in June.  So, along with Autumn and 4 of my favorite models, we spent the afternoon doing make up, hair, and choosing clothing for what I described as our “boho/cali/organic/hippie girl farm shoot”.  After some major styling, we loaded up and headed out to our locations – an old barn in the countryside and a farm complete with chickens, sheep and alpacas.  I could have gone on forever, but unfortunately it got dark and we got hungry.   Honestly, it just couldn’t have been any better. Autumn was doing her magic on hair and make up, as well as helping me coordinate clothing changes for different looks – she is so talented.  Thank you so much to Alex, Gracie, Jenna and Lindsley – I couldn’t have done this without you!  Here is a little (and I mean little) peek at some of our day…..


Cohen at 14 months

Such a sweet boy with a wonderful mom, I couldn’t believe it had already been over a year since his newborn session!  When mom  called she said she just wanted to capture all the fun things he likes to do.

So we met up at the studio right after his nap time and had some of his favorite toys.  So easy and fun to do this in the studio – great natural light any time of day, cool, no bugs, lots of toys on hand.  We had so much fun and I just love the collection of images showcasing sweet Cohen at this age!