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Independence Day.

Happy Fourth of July!

Last night we ventured over to Kaboom Addison, as we do every year, to view one of the top ten fireworks shows in the country.  If you have never been, you must go! It is always on July 3, so you can get 2 days of fireworks if you want! And even better,I know a secret back way to get in and out and avoid the traffic. Because we’re friends, call me next year and I’ll share.

I have never taken my camera before because you need to tripod to photograph fireworks, and we are usually carrying so much other stuff (chairs, blankets, food, adult beverages), it’s just too much. But last night we traveled light and Brent carried my gear for me (he’s such a good assistant) and we got there early enough to find an unobstructed view.  If you are headed out tonight to catch some fireworks and you want to try to photograph a few yourself, I highly recommend reading and following these tips from Scott Kelby, found HERE.  Oh, and if you are a bit of a shutterbug, you should definitely read Scott’s blog and  his books – he’s like the Oprah of all things photography and Photoshop.

So, hey, get out there and have a great day – don’t forget to take some pictures!

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